20th March 2019

Feeling Like Wonder Woman! Fit & Well Magazine Interview

Interview with Fit & Well

I was really thrilled and honoured to be interviewed for Fit + Well magazine April 2019. I shared the joy of stand up paddleboarding, how it builds self confidence and makes you feel like Wonder Woman.

Here are some tips:

a) If you are just beginning or not feeling too confident: start out on your knees before standing up.

b) If it gets windy, drop back down to your knees. You will feel more stable and won’t act like a sail in the wind!

c) The key to paddleboarding for me is moving forward and keeping your eyes on the horizon or what’s ahead. Once you look down, it is easier to start wobbling! Head up. Look forward. Keep moving.

d) The power of self belief and positive self talk! I find the more confident I feel, the more stable I am on the board. I keep telling myself I know what I am doing. I breathe deeply, relax and keep focussed on the moment and where I am. It is such a mindful thing to do and once you get into the flow you feel so alive.

Do you need to have SUP lessons?

Although this is not required, I personally recommend having a lesson if you are thinking of hiring or buying a paddle board. There are some really simple techniques you can master (how to put on a leash, wearing a lifejacket, how to hold the paddle, strokes, turning, getting on and off) that will make your experience so much better.

Above all, be safe and enjoy the fresh air, the joy of moving and time for yourself! Be in the moment and let the cares of the world float away.

Do you paddle board? I’d love to hear what you love about it!

If you have any questions about SUP, please do ask.

Have you read Fit & Well?

What makes you feel like Wonder Woman?

Jo xx

I would love to hear from you. Here or on Twitter or Instagram @healthyhappy50. It would be great to meet other paddle boarders!

Picture of Jo Moseley in Fit + Well magazine holding a paddle board
Fit & Well April 2019
Quote from Jo Moseley in Fit + Well magazine about paddleboarding
Joy, Confidence & Flow

Front cover of Fit + Well magazine
Fit + Well magazine

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