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On August 6th 2019, I became the first woman to SUP – stand up paddle board – coast to coast from Liverpool to Goole along the Leeds Liverpool Canal and Aire & Calder Navigation. 162 miles through Merseyside, Lancashire and Yorkshire, raising funds for The Wave Project and 2MinuteBeachClean community. I also did my own litter picks each day and raised awareness of plastic pollution in our inland waterways.

I have written about it for FINDRA

I shall update with more articles over the coming months. Thank you to everyone who sponsored me and supported this wonderful adventure. I am truly grateful.

Jo xx @healthyhappy50

This was my plan for PaddleboardTheNorth back in the spring:


I will SUP (stand up paddle board) from Liverpool to Goole along the Desmond Family Canoe Trail, incorporating the Leeds & Liverpool Canal and Aire & Calder Navigation. The trail is a project run by the waterways and wellbeing charity the Canal and River Trust.

The Challenge:

Starting 27th July, I will aim to SUP 16 – 18 miles each day coast to coast encountering 105 locks and 57 swing bridges. 

Fundraising with PaddleboardTheNorth:

I am fundraising for two important causes (details below): The Wave Project & 2MinuteBeachClean.

Leeds & Liverpool Canal

As well as fundraising, my goal is to share:

a) The wonderful resource the canal and rivers are for our physical, mental & emotional wellbeing.

b) The problem of single use plastic pollution (eg bottles, cups, straws, plastic bags). Every day approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into the oceans. There is also the plastic we don’t see – broken down into microplastics (tiny particles) and washed from canals and rivers onto the beach and into the sea.

c) How we can all make a difference to look after the waterways and oceans with a 2 minute litter pick.  

d) How caring for the canals is a great way to care for our own health. We are being active with a sense of community, friendship, purpose & connection to the environment.

Environmental Commitments on PaddleboardTheNorth:

a) Litter Picking on the route: I will continue my own daily 2 minute litter picks along the canal & invite everyone joining me to do the same.

b) I will include and share ideas on environmentally friendly adventuring.

The causes I will be fundraising for are: 

Jo with paddle board and Surf Therapy sweatshirt

a) The Wave Project charity that helps young people gain confidence and self-belief through evidence based and proven surf therapy programmes. The Wave Project was the world’s first “surf therapy” course funded by a government health service. Double Olympic gold medallist & 9 times track world champion Victoria Pendleton CBE is their first patron. 

b) The 2MinuteBeachClean community a not for profit organisation founded by Martin Dorey in 2009, that encourages everyone to take just two minutes of their day to pick up litter from the beaches, streets or parks. This simple call to action has inspired people across every continent to make a difference to their community & environment. There have been almost 105k uses of the hashtag #2minutebeachclean on Instagram alone. 

Jo Moseley with 2 Minute Beach Clean bag

Great! I would like to join you on Paddleboard the North! How can I do that?:

If you would like to join me on the towpath or on the water, please get in touch for details. I’d love you to be part of the adventure.

I am really excited about sharing the adventure with you – the training, the joy, the ups and downs, the team, the snacks and more about the causes I want to help as well as the canal and river history and beautiful landscape I will paddle through.

Please do ask if you have any questions and would like to join me either virtually or along the towpath!

Thank you so much!

Jo xx

Joy Encourager – Midlife Adventurer – Beach Cleaner

You are never too old to do something wild and it’s never too late to make a difference!

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The Wave Project:


Information on Stand Up Paddleboarding & how to buy a Waterways License:

More about the Canal & River Trust:

The Canal & River Trust:

The Canal & River Trust is a registered charity formed in 2012 to care for the 2000 miles (3219 km) of working canals & river navigations, docks & reservoirs across England & Wales. Our vision is for living waterways that transform places & enrich lives. We believe waterways have the power to make a difference to people’s lives and that spending time by the water can make us all healthier and happier. 

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