14th February 2016

Feeling Free with Nordic Walking – Jayne Cox In The Outdoors

​​Healthy Happy 50 Jayne Cox

I am thrilled to welcome Jayne Cox to the HealthyHappy50 community. I met Jayne on Twitter and her wonderfully positive and caring morning tweets always light up my timeline. I knew she loved being outdoors and was keen to find out more. In between running 3 businesses, Jayne very kindly took time to answer our HH50 questions:

Which sport do you enjoy?
I enjoy walking and in the last 6 months I have picked up my Nordic walking poles again.

For me being active is about enjoyment and connection. I was once a compulsive exerciser, driven to exercise because of anorexia and later bulimia. This episode of my life saw me at a gym 5-7 days a week. It wasn’t fun or joyous it was painful and left me guilt driven if I hadn’t gone.

So now I walk. I walk our 3 dogs. I walk with Michael my husband. I love to walk with friends who share my love of the outdoors and even with clients who enjoy outdoor sessions.

I’m exploring Canadian canoeing next, I love the water and being on it, so watch this space!

Have you always been sporty or is this new to you?
I wasn’t sporty at school because I didn’t seem to fit a box. I had strengths that were perhaps not noticed as I was so shy.

What motivated you to start walking?
I came to loving the outdoors after I recovered from anorexia. The outdoors was my therapy and has kept me feeling bright even when life was difficult.

Since enjoying being active and doing the activities I love I’ve never looked back.

How often do you go walking?
I walk with my poles about 3 times a week. I walk the dogs each day and with a client once a week. I clock up between 35-45 miles a week. If a friend is free we’ll arrange to walk and talk, it’s lovely!

How do you feel when you are doing it?
One word, free!
How has exercise/sport enhanced your life?
Walking is like an antidepressant. It may take me half an hour but the effect is super. I would encourage anyone who has low mood or depression to take time outside and walk. I feel fit and don’t worry about getting older. I love my years!
What are your biggest motivations?
My motivation is to keep being strong and active. My mind needs movement so that’s the biggest motivator I think. It does increase my energy, help me have creative thoughts too and yes keep me trim. The main motivator is that feeling of feeling so good.
What were or are your biggest obstacles to taking part regularly (and how do you overcome them?)
I am fortunate I work for myself and I am involved now in 3 businesses. I work with my husband in 2. I plan my day so I can walk. I work well and smartly where possible.
Who inspires you?
Women who just do it! I love to see women, like you Jo, who just get out there and say why not me. Age has never stopped me, I don’t see why it would. (Jo: Gosh, thank you for mentioning me!).
What has been your greatest achievement so far?
Recovering from eating disorders, PTSD and working hard to thrive and to leave very toxic relationships behind.
What are your next challenges for the future?
I’d like to form a women’s walking group locally and get into the water in that canoe I mentioned earlier.

Healthy Happy 50 Jayne Cox
What are the 3 best things you love about your sport?
I love everything except mud!
Do you track your walking & has this enhanced your enjoyment? What do you use & would you recommend it?
I offer clients email support and my iWatch is fantastic to let me know I have mail or a text. I have control over its alerts too. I use this to track my progress. It’s a fun motivator.


What are your favourite piece of kit?

What’s your favourite song you walk to?
Nature’s sounds. No headphones just nature. Recently, the late, great David Bowie too.
What’s your favourite food before/during or after walking?
I’m a full fat person, no fads and no diets. Hydration and a good breakfast are important to me.
Do you have a favourite magazine/website/blog related to walking?
No, I tend to just do my own thing.
If someone was thinking about taking up a new sport/exercise but doubted herself or felt unsure about being judged or made to feel welcome, what would you say to them?

If someone was interested in taking up Nordic Walking, what practical tips would you suggest they do next?
Do a Nordic walking course or practice using poles. My ‘sport’ is so easy we can do it from the front door.
Do you have a sporting or life motto?
It’s well used… ‘Just do it’ 😊
Finally, this blog & community is called HealthyHappy50. With the lessons you have learned over the years, what would you tell your 20 year old self about health & happiness?
I’d say:
• You’re already awesome
• Focus on you right now
• Let your body and mind be free to do all that its capable of
• If someone holds you back, walk away
• There’s nothing to beat the wonder of a physically able body and a fit mind
• Be grateful each day

Thank you so much Jayne for sharing your inspiring and courageous story with us. I’m very grateful.

Please can you tell us a little more about your work and contact details?

“Thank you Jo for inviting me to be part of this positive initiative for being active and feeling good in our skin over 50.

This can be such a vital part of life and for me it’s been a time of opportunity, increasing confidence and personal growth.

I am privileged to be able to coach women though this transition of life and to also be in business with my husband bringing wellbeing to the workplace. I get to live my passion, how lucky am I?

I hope women visiting your site will gain confidence and feel happy and healthy in to their 50s and beyond.”

Jayne Cox MISMA LCH Dip

Specialist Coaching, Stress Management & Wellbeing Consultancy

M : 07746 564937
Skype: jaynecoxcoaching

Twitter: @jaynemcox

Thank you Jayne! All your friends at HH50 wish you the very best for your walking & canoeing adventures! Jo xx

PS Thank you so much Jayne for allowing me to share my thoughts on turning 50 & my rowing challenge on your blog too!

Do you have a sporty or health & fitness story you would like to share with us? Please do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

Twitter/Instagram: @healthyhappy50

Email: healthyhappyfifty@yahoo.com


{All pictures courtesy & property of Jayne Cox}


3 responses to “Feeling Free with Nordic Walking – Jayne Cox In The Outdoors”

  1. Danie Botha says:

    Few things beat walking–lots of walking (especially with poles.). And in winter the bonus of the snow, which traps sound. Then it’s only you and the trail and the snow and the quiet.
    You’re so right, Jayne–frequent walking IS an antidepressant. (Much less side effects than the pills, although the latter has a place.) It gives us time to think and find clarity, and find enjoyment.
    It is also an activity that one can continue for the NEXT 40 years plus (with the poles.)

    Thanks for the post, Jo and Jayne!

    • JoMoseley says:

      Thank you Daniel and thank you for sharing the story on Twitter! We really appreciate your support. We hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy some walking and the outdoors! I will be sure Jayne sees your lovely comment. Thank you! Jo 🙂

  2. Jayne Cox says:

    Oh Danie thank you So lovely to have you in the pole walking club, I just hope my words encourage others to get outdoors and get active! Jayne

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