6th April 2019

Generation Restart & Audrey Online – For Women Who Know There’s More to Life

It is an absolute joy to see so many online magazines being written for and by women in midlife.

One of my favourite is Audrey Online – “a magazine for women who know there is more to life” founded by Marina Gask. With a wealth of experience in journalism, previously the editor of Sugar, More! and Top Sante and consulting editor at Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Look and SHE, Marina has a wonderful way of telling the stories we want to hear about women we want to know more about.

Audrey Online article in Stella Magazine
Audrey in Stella Magazine

Audrey online is a resource for women who want to be audacious, to change their lives or careers, to go on adventures, write a book or simply challenge themselves to live a differently and enjoy life more! It is the cheerleader and champion of Generation Restart with inspiring stories and expert advice on what steps you need to take.

Marina kindly invited me to share my love of tiny adventures with her Audrey audience in 2018. It was a huge honour and I was so grateful for the wonderful comments I received.

Jo Moseley in Stella Magazine
In my Wonder Woman cap in Stella Magazine thanks to Audrey Online and Marina Gask

Fast forward to January 2019 and Audrey was featured in Stella Magazine (Sunday Telegraph magazine) – entitled “Generation Restart – Meet the 50 something women hitting refresh”. Very generously, Marina included me alongside some incredible women, such as Tracey Thorn, Louise Minchin and Adele Mitchell.

Audrey Online in Stella Magazine
Marina Gask of Audrey in Stella with her son

Do you feel like you want to change your life? Switch careers? Start a side hustle? Go on an adventure or write a book? Or do you simply want to live a little differently and enjoy life more? Then if so, I really recommend you find a quiet spot and head to Audrey Online.

What would you like to do differently? I’d love to know!

Have a great day! Jo x

To read more about tiny adventures in the sea, read my article for Fit & Well here!

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Audrey Online in Stella Magazine Generation Restart
Why I love being part of Generation Restart

2 responses to “Generation Restart & Audrey Online – For Women Who Know There’s More to Life”

  1. Carole says:

    Hi Joe. I discovered your story in Planet Mindful which I found at my local Whole Foods In Massachusetts USA. Your story resonated with me as I too fell in love with SUP in mid life and it motivated me to start working out in the gym too. I am 61 and feel fitter and more alive than ever. I compete in SUP recreational races and love the paddling community. Good luck for your trip!

    • JoMoseley says:

      Thank you Carole – this is such a lovely message to receive. How wonderful that you love SUP and feel so alive. It is a wonderful form of exercise. I had an amazing trip crossing the country on my paddle board and raised a lot of money for charity and picked up a lot of litter. I hope it will inspire other women to do something they love too. Have a great day, Jo x

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