Conquering The Mountains Again – Cyclist Jane Rees talks physiotherapy, Pilates & her horrible accident

Hello! I am really delighted to welcome Jane Rees, a Physiotherapist I met on Twitter, to HealthyHappy50. Hello Jane! Please tell us a little bit more about yourself: Hello Jo, my name is Jane Rees,… View Post

Cycling for “Billie Fleming”, sailing and skiing – Pam Hart

Cycling for Billie, sailing & skiing – Pam Hart I am thrilled to welcome Pam Hart to the HH50 community. Pam & I were introduced by Anne Hunt, whom I met on Twitter. I had… View Post

Cycling Superstar! Yorkshire Lass Cycling Club Co-Founder Judith Worrall

I am thrilled to welcome Judith Worrall to the HH50 community and to share her fabulous cycling story with you today. Judith and I met through a mutual friend, Rachael Bateman from Cappuccino Cycling Club,… View Post